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About Me

Passionate about the understanding of family dynamics, to find solutions that generate an individual and family harmony, she has trained as an intervener, consteller and family coaching in Canada, Colombia and Mexico accompanying and to improve their relationships with themselves and with others.



From a young age, I felt the call to integrate the value of technical knowledge with social value. And so since 2010 I made the decision to train in personal development issues.In 2011 I was part of the Leadership and Kai-Woman schools of the International Cóndor Blanco Organization, where I took courses in connection with the feminine, developed autonomy skills, awareness and learned from ancestral teachings of the Mapuche Indians.In 2013 seeking help to overcome a personal process that led me to a deep depression, I found the Family Constellations, a systemic method of configuring the family system that helped me understand myself as an individual within my family, finding unconscious links, implications and loyalties and which in turn gave me valuable tools to overcome my conflict and reestablish my connection with myself, with myfamily and with life. After seeing the results with evidence at different levels of my own personal process, I decided to take master’s courses in systemic psychology and ended up training as a facilitator in family constellations, graduated from the CUDEC Multicultural University Emilio Cárdenas de México and the Savia Corporation of Medellín-Colombia . This training with a focus on humanistic psychology and the endorsement of Hellinger Sciencia, allowed me to explore scenic and bodily methods for the restoration of different family dynamics. But above all it gave me the courage to honor my parents and my ancestors as part of gratitude to life and the restoration of order in my family system. In 2018, I decided to train and graduate as a Psychosocial Intervener, from the University of Quebec UQAM in Canada, where I currently reside and this training that gives me valuable elements to complete my training, such as focusing, helping relationship, family psychology , psychology of motivation and emotions, psychology of personality. In 2019 I obtained the endorsement of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturopaths of Canada to perform Interventions accompaniments in personal and family development.


Sanitary Engineer of first profession, graduated from the University of Antioquia-Colombia, a profession that has allowed me to work for the environmental and social welfare of the communities; which has given me the opportunity to work as a teacher in the formation of groups of adolescents and adults in the areas of engineering, technology and personal development.

My Experience

I have been fortunate to be at the service accompanying processes of change in person and virtual way to individuals and families from different nationalities and to people who are geographically in other countries such as Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Canada. Currently I am part of the community of the Latin American Catholic Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Montreal, where through talks, workshops and activities we rely on personal and family interior work. I have the deep conviction that Catholic values do not have to be separated from the principles and different contents of the humanistic approach of the different formations that I have followed and that have taught me to be a better person.

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