Johana has helped me work through some challenging situations I’ve had, from processing to helping know myself better. The tools she offers as well as her strategies had been key in my own personal growth while being able to cope and develop healthy habits to put in practice in my life. I’m grateful for all the process she has lead in my own personal experience as it has increase my self-awareness and worth.

Susana Reyes – United States



Johanna, arrived at a crucial moment in my personal life. Thanks to his accompaniment in my process I was able to discover the roots of my problem and clearly see the connection between my family experiences and my childhood. So I could discover how those experiences were affecting my current situation.

By being able to make sense of the roots of the problem I managed to find solutions and recover my peace.

Luz Zambrano-United States



The accompaniment with family constellations, has been a light and a tool to understand my history, has been a path of personal and family growth that has given me the opportunity to recognize myself and make the necessary changes to heal the past and take actions on my present that can influence my future. I have learned to be aware of my words and thoughts, I have recognized the importance of order in all aspects of my life. I can tell you from my experience that this accompaniment has been a transformation in several stages of my life. If you like to know more or ask me something specific, do not hesitate to contact me.

Johana Vergara-Canada



“One of the greatest gifts God has given me is to know the work that Johana Molina does. Thanks to your accompaniment; in my personal and family process. I have been able to heal and work on issues that were deeply rooted. I learned to honor my parents; I learned that they gave me the best they could give me, they gave me the life that is the most sacred; I became aware of gratitude with my family group, because through my experiences my heart was filled with compassion, above all I became aware of the responsibility we have in our lives. I have understood that the most important thing for me is to love life as it is, that every day of life is always and will be a wonderful gift. I keep working and evolving, my path is getting lighter, with positive projections, I feel happy and immensely grateful. Thank you Johana for everything you have given me, every minute you have guided me; I can testify that my life gave a positive change. Johana has accompanied me, has supported me, has escorted me to the advancement in my inner and personal work that is and will always be, to be a better human being day by day. I, Claudia Elena Escobar Escobar, I thank Johanna Molina from my Heart for the wonderful gift she gave me “

Claudia Escobar-Colombia



“One of the best things that has happened to me in the last two years has been the process of family intervention. With this process I have learned to awaken my consciousness, to forgive myself and to forgive others, to recognize and honor my ancestors, my roots and my origins, to understand, understand and accept each of the stages I have had throughout my history. , why I acted in a certain way and as important as I can with that awareness modify my future.

Thank you Johanna for using your studies, knowledge and experiences in my process, for contributing to me to be a better person every day; I can attest to the positive change I have felt, seen and how it has impacted all the people around me, on a personal, spiritual, family, social and professional level. I Alexandra Vélez, I thank Johanna Molina for her support at every moment and with my testimony I encourage every person who wishes to start this process that is taking the right path to her inner peace. ”

Alexandra Vélez-Colombia




My experience in the process with Johanna Molina has been very comforting since my first contact by phone, which gave me much more time than I expected, making the interface of the religious and psychosocial, giving me many details of the processes we would do, with well-defined individual goals, and a unique goal from start to finish, “” My well-being as an individual, in a spiritual, mental and bodily health sense “”.

Balance, inner harmony, motivation that does not depend on other people or material things, motivation that is born within me, and makes synergy around me with my loved ones. Something I had searched for and did not find in other processes that I did. The accompaniment with Johanna is a unique process that does not make me feel like a patient more, rather as an individual of great value that belongs to integrated systems.

Change? … if I have felt many positive changes to my life since I started my process

Thanks Johanna


Angel B-Canadá


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